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  • Civics Education Intiative
    HOME The Civics Education Initiative is simple in concept It requires high school students, as a condition for graduation, to pass a test on 100 basic facts of U S
  • Civics - Wikipedia
    Annenberg Classroom The civics education site of the Annenberg Public Policy Center; Civic Action Project A practicum for high school students in civics and government
  • Civics Education - civics_education
    Civics Education Welcome! Our Civics Education section features educational resources and materials for teaching and learning about the judicial branch and its role
  • Civics Education
    Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module Click Image to Begin Image Credits: Portsmouth City Council: City of Portsmouth; State Capitol Building: Virginia
  • Center for Civic Education
    The Center for Civic Education is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational corporation dedicated to promoting an enlightened and responsible citizenry committed to
  • Public Civics Online
    Promoting civics education in America We believe that the key to a better democracy is through educating people to be good citizens
  • Civics Education Intiative
    The Civics Education Initiative proposes that all high school students take and pass the 100-question US Citizenship Civics test, from the United States Citizenship
  • Annenberg Classroom
    We make it easy for you to match our award-winning videos and games to specific constitutional concepts! You can also download a brochure that is a convenient way to

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